Travel is not always perfect to have fun and enjoy. Whenever and wherever, you may experience many problems. there are some travel tips for you.

1. ATM Cheat


This is too common when travel. But I just want to remind again. It’s so convenient, you can withdraw anywhere and anytime you want. But a lot of ATM machines over the world may be tracked by the hacker. Every year a lot of tourists lost their money after dealt on ATM machines.

For sure, only withdraw your money in ATM machine placed in front of Banks and covering the keypad when entering your password.


2. Taxi

Never told the drivers or transport owners this is the first time you come or you go alone. Don’t get in a car if it doesn’t have fare clock or you should call the switchboard and ask a taxi.


3. Booking Room

You may be wasting money when booking online because you choose a beautiful room but when you has arrived, it is not like introducing.

I advise you should find information and feedbacks before booking a hotel or make a question in reputable sites.


4. Scammers

Scammers have a lot of ways to make you off guard. They make a collision and steal your items while sorry. They can also help you take a photo when you are engrossed in shaping, your camera or phone also has disappeared.

So, you should keep your belongings carefully and be highly vigilance if someone approaches you.


5. Tricked taken to places higher priced

One other type of scammers, they’ll introduce you to other locations “are very attractive” where you forced to buy goods with high prices and poor services, of course, a lot of money too.

You should check locations you’ll come in google or hotel reception. Don’t forget to check hours of opening/closing at the sights you want to go.